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The Zagreb Car Rental Guide

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The Zagreb airport, also referred to as the Pleso airport is located in Croatia and is the main international airport here. It is located ten kilometers from the central station of Zagreb and is estimated to handle at least 2 million passengers annually. It is the centre for the flag carrier Croatia airlines.

Zagreb airport services

Hotels – there are no hotels inside the Zagreb airport, but there are numerous ones just close to the airport. The Aristos hotel, the Sheraton Zagreb, the Garni hotel, the Ivac inn and the hotel Porin are some of the hotels you can stay in.

Restaurants and shops - the number of shops and restaurants in the airport are not many. You can eat at the Faust Vrancic restaurant that is situated on level 1. You can also have a drink at one of the 3 bars available, one is located in the arrival hall for international flights, the second one is on the departure hall for international flights, and the third one is in the arrival hall for domestic flights.

Business services – you can get such services as fax, telephone and internet from the Zrinjevac business lounge. There is also a VIP lounge that offers 3 meeting areas which are can easily be combined to fit a large number of people as a single room. You will require reserving the VIP lounge in advance for availability.

Facilities for the disables persons – Zagreb airport can be accessed by disabled people as they provide wheelchairs ramps and an adapted rest room located in the central hall. You can get more information on these from the airport’s information desk.

In the airport, you will get the bank Zagrebacka Banka, that is open from 07.00 to 21.00 and there is also a post office in the terminal that operates in the same hours. You can also claim your lost luggage from the lost and found office located in the central hall. This office is open from 08.00hrs to 20.00hrs. You can also get lockers to store luggage.

Transportation facilities from Zagreb airport

By bus – you will get the bus station on the exit point of the internationals arrivals area. The buses leave every 30 minutes from 07.00hrs to 20.00hrs. A bus ticket will cost HRK 30.00. HRK (Croatian Kina) is the money used in Croatia. 

By taxi – you can get taxis fro the airport and they are situated at the front of the arrival areas. Taxis can prove to be quite expensive as the starting rate is at HRK 19.00 and you are supposed to pay HRK 7.00 for every kilometer from the airport to your destination as well as HRK 3.00 for your luggage.

Car rental at the Zagreb airport

While buses and taxis are readily available for transportation form the airport, the most hustle free way to commute is by car rental. When you rent a car from the Zagreb airport, you enjoy the convenience of driving out of the airport at whatever time you arrive as opposed to waiting for the taxis’ and buses’ operating hours. Car hire can also save you some Croatian Kina overall as there it is possible to get cheap car hire services from the airport.

Inside the Zagreb airport, you will get various car hire counters from a number of car hire agencies in Zagreb and even internationally. It is advisable to book a car rental in advance as this gives you enough time to compare the rates and settle for the best car hire rates in Zagreb.

The Zagreb Car Rental Guide deals with all major car rental companies and negotiates with the local agencies in Zagreb to offer the best car rental rates and service for all locations in Zagreb. This way our clients know they will always receive the best rate and service for their rental car in Zagreb. In 3 minutes you can compare our rates and book your car rental in Zagreb while you will find out that we are usually a lot less expensive then booking with the agencies direct.

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